Fishers of Men

4Wesleyan Hills UMC is a very special place,
where God’s love can be seen on every face.
We gather to learn all about His Word,
then go our way trying to live what we’ve heard.
Sometimes we stumble along the way,
but He just picks us up day after day.
God’s call to us may not be to a distant land,
He may just want us to give a helping hand.
Where in the world would we all be,
if He had not loved us in person’s three?
Why, we’d be lost without any hope at all,
having never heard His precious call.
If it’s fun you want, we have that, too,
we just put Him first in all we do.
Expect good preaching, good teaching, good singing and more,
you don’t even have to knock, for He’s the door.
Our church is open to anyone who wants to part –
part with old ways and dark days – and needs a change of heart.
His promises are clear and His treasures are great,
just come, and together, we’ll secure the rewards of faith.
Peace and Grace,
Jean Northern, Member of Wesleyan Hills since 1964