12Wesleyan Hills is more like a community than a church. Everyone is very nice here and they genuinely care about you. Coming to this church every Sunday is a privilege. It is like coming in to a big family. I always have fun here and I cannot imagine going anywhere else.
–Emma Tinius
13It has been an uplifting experience being the Chairman of the Mens’ Club at Wesleyan Hills.
Dr. Peter Carnesale asked me to assist him many years ago and I told him at the time that I really didn’t know what I was supposed to do. Peter’s response was to lead with your heart and most of the time you will be ok. As all of you know, we lost Peter and I became Chairman but I never will forget his words.
No one could have had a more faithful, helpful group to work with than I’ve had these past three seasons. I want to especially thank Carolyn Carnesale for her support, as well as, all the guys that pitched in whatever the capacity.
–Ed Denney
14Wesleyan Hills is home, family…where Christ is preached and practiced and lived.
–Jean Northern